Young Entrepreneurs Raise $$ for Tanzanian Students

Project Wezesha and our partner Girls Education International love the idea of “students for students” and “schools for schools”. So we’re really excited to share a special story with you!!

When I’m in Tanzania working with local teachers and students, I am struck by the dedication of many teachers and the motivation of the students – even though they have no technology, no textbooks, no science labs, no cafeteria and–in many village schools–no electricity. In many U.S.-based classrooms, you’ll find SMART boards, internet access, computer labs,  and in some schools every student has a personal device (e.g., Chrome Book or iPad). So, when students in the U.S. want to do something to help enhance the educational opportunities of our students in Tanzania–well, we’re simply touched and overcome with gratitude.

This holiday season, a friend and fellow educator, Jennifer Russell decided to see what her students could do. Jennifer teaches Art and English as a Second Language at Parsons Junior High School in Redding, CA. She started by introducing the students to Project Wezesha and Girls Education International. She shared information and videos from our websites and Facebook pages. Then the creative juices started to flow! The students were invited to brainstorm lists of ideas in small groups, trying to think of the best, most feasible idea for raising some money as a holiday fundraiser.

flyer for sale

The winning idea was
a candy cane and hot chocolate sale.

Jennifer was able to buy packs of 12 candy canes for $.88 and hot chocolate mix for $2.50/pound! They charged $1 for a candy cane with hot cocoa.

Luckily, Jennifer’s class is located next to a main entrance to the school, so as students streamed off the bus, they had to pass the holiday stand, which was “open daily” for a week.

These amazing 7th and 8th graders made the flyers to advertise the sale and give information on Project Wezesha; they made the hot cocoa; they managed the finances; and, they volunteered before school and at lunch. In fact, they were so eager to volunteer that Jennifer had to come up with creative ways to stagger their participation and make sure everyone got a turn at the stand.

girls with flyers

In total, they raised $240!