Safari Kubwa

Safari Kubwa means Long Trip in Kiswahili and this journey has been nothing less – and I don’t only mean the literal journey from Salt Lake City that began on June 19th, but the journey of Project Wezesha from inception to this point. After a long year of strategizing, spreading the word, fundraising, and digging deep emotionally and mentally, I have returned to Tanzania to really get things started. I have no idea today what this short month-long stay in Tanzania will produce for Project Wezesha, but no doubt – we will all know very soon!

As a reminder of our journey thus far… In the summer of 2009, I made a small offer to fundraise a few thousand dollars to build a classroom for the overcrowded primary school of Mgaraganza Village in Western Tanzania. I was told by my Tanzanian friends, Lucas and Ashahadu, that the community would actually prefer me to invest my efforts into fundraising to build a secondary school – the first ever for the five incorporated villages of this area – all headed by one concerned chief. He was concerned because there was so little for his villagers to look forward to without the opportunity of secondary school education for their children. There was a growing trend toward departure from the village for potentially more lucrative opportunities elsewhere – including a neighboring village and a larger nearby town. Without education, however, what good would come of relocation? Would they not face the same hardships with a different backdrop? So, Education – the great super hero with the invisible cape and limited support around the world – will try to save the day once again!

We leave Dar es Salaam on Thursday July 1st for Kigoma. I will begin the narrative there – so stay tuned!

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