A Little Help From My Friends

Shelmina, Rai and Minaz on the Puget Sound

Project Wezesha was founded when Lucas and I responded to a request for support from the chief of Mgaraganza village: Can you help us build a secondary school? Of we course we said yes, but we then had to come up with funds. We raised money little by little. But then – a miracle! Our miracle was Shelmina Babai and Minaz Abji. These two remarkable souls, born and raised in Tanzania and Uganda respectively, were set to marry. They desired nothing more from their wedding guests than contributions to Project Wezesha so we could construct Amahoro Secondary School. Their aim was to honor their fathers through this amazing gift.

The generous donations of Shelmina, Minaz, their family and friends enabled us to lay foundations for 12 classrooms, build walls, and install rooves. Over the years, Shelmina and Minaz have continued to support Project Wezesha. Our last hurdle before opening the school was construction of student latrines — Shelmina made that happen! For the opening ceremony in January 2015, Shelmina contributed to make sure the celebration would be inclusive of everyone – they ‘chipped in’ to feed the entire village!

This year on March 26th, I finally had the great pleasure of meeting Shelmina and Minaz (see photo) for the first time ever. While I was with them, I felt that I was in the presence of pure goodness and love. I have always been in awe of their generousity, yet they celebrated me for the opportunity I gave them. If I could manifest a world filled with hope, love, kindness and opportunity – it would surely be inspired by Shelmina and Minaz. Please take a moment to learn more about Shelmina here. She is a true inspiration!

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