Introducing our New Students!

When we started this program, we had five students from Kiganza Village and perhaps you have been following them for the past four years: Edina, Diana, Ismael, France and Hindu. The following year we added a few more – Amosi, Silvesia, Khadija, Zainabu, Saidi and Dibeit.

Since we started, Edina, Hindu, Silvesia, Zainabu and Khadija have graduated. In February of this past year, Khadija began studying computers at the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA). In January, Hindu and Edina and a new student, Nema will join her. Zainabu married after graduation and has completed her studies, but we hope that the value she placed on education will be passed onto her children. Silvesia is going on to nursing school and her brother is supporting her from now on (yay)!

We are expecting Amosi, Ismael and Diana to graduate this coming November. Depending on their final examinations, we will either consider supporting them in the courses of their choice at VETA or in high school to continue their academic studies.

Saidi has remained at the top of his class despite the limited resources and teacher investment at his small village school, so we are transferring him to a private secondary school in town where he can receive the additional support he needs to ensure he goes on to high school and, very likely, university! His father is contributing 1/3 of his fees (100,000 – not small change for a village parent) and we are paying the rest. We support this decision and are electing to pay more for Saidi because this was his father’s plea on behalf of his son and because we know how bright Saidi is.  In addition to being intelligent and academically motivated, Saidi has a gentle soul and a unique quality about him – difficult to explain. He’s just respectful, thoughtful, bright, humble and grateful. He never expects nor asks for anything. He’s a gem!

This year, we added 19 new students. Now, we have a grand total of 30 students that we are supporting – each with his or her unique goals and dreams.

Here are the newbies! Hongera sana wanafunzi!

From Mgaraganza Village

Mahamadu Adamu





Samiru Haridi





Elinathani Peter (He was in the hospital when we made pictures. Photo coming soon!)

Marietha Sebastian

I like reading different textbooks and swimming. I’m interested much in studying Kiswahili, Biology, English, Chemistry and Geography.

It enables me to control the environment that surrounds me, to gain knowledge and to improve the life standard through solving different problems facing the societies as well as to empower the women. I would like to become a soldier soon after completion of my studies.

Hajira Ahmed

My hobbies are  playing volleyball and swimming. My favorite subjects are Biology and Chemistry.

I want to educate the masses after I complete my studies. After the completion of secondary school, I would like to continue to advanced level then University, thereafter I want to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher of Biology and Chemistry.

Jumbe Mikidadi

I like to play soccer and study. I enjoy English, Geography and learning about the world.




Amina Kudra





Simoni Samwely Simoni





From Kigalye Village

Mussa Ahamadi Mabenga





Shabani Massudi Kibaya





From Mtanga Village






From Bubango Village

Ezra Joseph Lukas





Waridi Dunia





Rahma Jumanne





George Christopher





From Kagongo Village

Tumsifu Kazamba

My hobbies which I prefer are reading the books, playing football and praying to God. I like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and English.

Education is very important to me because it is a key of life. Also it promotes the development in the society and the nations as a whole. When I will finish the education of secondary school, I want to be a doctor or engineer.


Kiza Shadrack

I am interested in playing netball and reading story books such as novels. Most of the subjects that I’m interested in are biology, chemistry, Kiswahili, geography and civics.

It helps me to control myself and the entire society, but also to bring the whole development among the members of my community. After finishing secondary school, I would like to become a nurse in which I will be able to help the sick, especially women who are most affected in the community.

From Mwanga Town

Albert Patrick (in the green shirt with his family; individual pic coming)

Albert is a special case. The Diwani (Chief) of Mgaraganza, Patrick Maganga asked if I would help him support Albert. Albert is not actually his son, but a child from town that has no mother and a father who cannot support him. Given the support we’ve recieved for our work on Amahoro Secondary School, I told Diwani that I would be happy to return the support. As it is, he has a large family. On top of his own children, he supports three ‘vulnerable children’ whose parents cannot keep them. Patrick feeds, clothes and educates these three. Good on ya, Chief!

Way to go everyone! The best of luck to all of you. As I said time and again, Soma vizuri!!

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