Congratulations Hindu and Khadija!

Hindu and Khadija

Khadija and HIndu

Lucas and I are happy to share some wonderful news! Our amazing students, Hindu and Khadija graduated in November from their program at the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). They began studying together two years ago and both pursued careers as administrative assistants.

Before they entered VETA, neither of them knew how to type or use computers. During this program, they have learned about shorthand, typing, using MicroSoft Office, communicating via email, and browsing the web for information. Each of them participated in two field placements (internships) in the Kigoma Region.

Hindu Gets Diploma

Hindu receives her Diploma

Khadija at Graduation

We’re proud of you, Khadija!

Hindu at Graduation

We’re proud of you, Hindu!

Khadija and her father

Khadija and her father, Bitata

During their first internship, they worked in offices in Kasulu, about 3 hours from Kigoma town. In the second internship, Hindu traveled to Morogoro while Khadija worked in Kigoma town.














In addition to computer skills, they learned important administrative duties – such as taking phone calls, making appointments, announcing visitors to their supervisors, and much more!

They became members of an office community and developed skills that will serve them in various types of office settings around the country. In addition, both of them have continued to develop their English language skills and overall confidence.

Clearly their families and communities are proud of them! Friends and family came together to celebrate with them, share cake, take pictures, and let them know they accomplished something great!

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake

Without doubt, both of these young women would be married and living in the village today, likely with children, if you hadn’t helped us continue their support beyond secondary school. While we were committed originally only to support students through secondary school, we quickly realized that continued support was needed to really impact change.

Following in the footsteps of Hindu and Khadija are Diana and Ismael, who have also continued their studies in VETA. Diana is studying clerical work and Ismael is becoming a car mechanic. Updates on them are coming soon!

Please, join me in congratulating Hindu and Khadija on their graduation and let’s wish them great success in finding a job that taps into their many new skills!

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