Our Boys – Approaching Graduation

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the start of a new season! I know in Tanzania, everyone is very excited about the coming end to a long rainy season … ah, but of course – the water and vibrant green of the landscape during this season is so refreshing!

In Tanzania, our students actually start their school year in January (not August or September as in many parts of the world). So, they are in the early stages of a new school year. Nonetheless, the year is off to a race for some of them – namely Saidi, Dibeit and Tumsifu who are currently in Form 4. This means that these three very bright young men are rounding the bend in their secondary school experience.

They will take two mock exams this year and then in October, they will take the high stakes final exams to see if they qualify for entrance into high school (and we know they will!). At that point, we’ll have some big decisions to make and we hope you’ll join us in making them.

Thus far, our scholarship program has paid for secondary school fees for over 30 students. Some have completed secondary school and returned to their communities to plan ‘next steps’. A few of them have moved on to the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) to specialize in particular occupations – namely, computer science (updates on them coming soon). Tumsifu, Dibeit, and Saidi will be our first students to qualify for high school (and again, we’re sure they will!). Once they do, Project Wezesha will seek your support to see if we can manage the much higher tuition fees of high school (Form 5 and 6) education, which is required before a student can go to University.

Here’s a quick refresher on Tumsifu, Saidi and Dibeit:



 Tumsifu is a Form 4 student. He started at Kagongo Secondary School, then we moved him to a better government school with boarding facilities – so he could truly focus and dive into his studies. His grades have remained stellar and he is at the top of his class. His dream – to become either a doctor or engineer.

Saidi was one of our very first friends. I met him in 2008 and we began supporting him when he entered secondary school in 2011. Finally, he is coming to the end of his secondary school experience. Two years ago, he moved in with Lucas so that he could attend a better school in Kigoma town. That change, initiated by his father, has been instrumental in turning Saidi’s life around. His grades have remained high, his English continues to improve and his dreams are in sight! Saidi hopes to be a teacher and he will be a great one!




Dibeit and Saidi – younger years

We also met Dibeit in 2008. Dibeit and Saidi were the best of friends – always together, always eager to join us under the gazebo for English conversation time. Dibeit finished primary school with top honors and the government chose him to attend a private secondary school in Dodoma, Tanzania. He has grown so much in the past four years, even having the chance to visit the capital numerous times to visit family. His grades remain high, his smile big, and his spirit pure.

Please join us in wishing these boys luck as they prepare for these very important exams! I’ll take all your well wishes and deliver them in person!

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