Children’s Scholarship Program

Secondary Education in Tanzania
Project Wezesha is committed to accessible education for all.  We provide scholarships for both boys and girls to attend secondary school.  Primary school is free in Tanzania, however secondary school fees range from $50 to $120 depending on which year a student is registered.  The higher fees result from entrance and exit exams, desk and seat rentals and uniforms.  Most families lack the financial means to pay for their children to receive a secondary school eduaction.  In some cases, they may have to choose which of their children has this opportunity.  Project Wezesha is striving for education for all children in the communities with which we work.
Girls’ Education
Access to education for girls is particularly limited for various reasons ranging from economics to culture.  With this in mind, Project Wezesha is committed to finding girls in need who are motivated to complete their secondary school education with the additional hope that these young women will continue on to high school.  Currently, eight of the twelve children we sponsor are girls.