About Lucas Lameck – Project Wezesha CoFounder

Hi.  My name is Lucas Lameck Suku.  My mother’s name is Meriselina Pogonya and my father’s name is Lameck Suku Mkohozi.  My father and my mother were born 8 children.  I’m the fifth child born from my mother and my father.  I was born in 1985 at Maweni Hospital in Kigoma region so that I am twenty five years old.  I have two younger brothers – their names are Kefa and Maiko.  Also I have three older brothers.  Their names are Charles, Julias and Isaya.  Also, I have one sister – her name is Sofia.  Other sister she died with Malaria disease – her name is Malta.

I started primary school in 1993 at a school in town and I finished primary school in September 2001.  I joined secondary school in 2001 in Ujiji.  My father and my mother are poor; also my family is poor, so my brother Isaya he was supporting me to go to secondary school.  The time when Isaya didn’t have money for school fees, I was stopped to go to school.  I was missing subjects and I was so very sad, but no way out as father and mother are poor.  Finally, in 2004 I completed secondary school.

I was working for GOSESO from 2007 up to 2009 as a project assistant.  In 2008 I met with my friends Rai, Tamrika, Dagny and John (from Utah) in Kiganza.  These friends promised me to help with big things.  I love these friends;  they have good hearts.  One day I told my friend Rai about the life of many African people to the village.  Sometimes they are passing exams, but missing the opportunity to go to secondary school because they have no school fees.  Rai, she is so very sad.  She decided to support 6 children to attend secondary school.  In 2009, she added another 6 children of secondary school age.

Also Rai and I were visiting many villages.  We saw many problems.  Children were greeting us ‘Good Morning’ instead of ‘Good Afternoon.’  Or ‘What is my name?’ instead of ‘What is your name?’.  Rai and I discuss how!  We saw the big problem is education.

We decided to make Project Wezesha and to build secondary school in Mgaraganza Village.  Now I’m working with Rai at Project Wezesha as a director here in Tanzania.

Thank you so much.