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I Know This Much is True

These are my Summer 2010 final thoughts. I know this much is true – (dedicated to Sara Bridge) I’m writing on a netbook computer in Dar es Salaam and as I look around, I see only varying shades of brown skin and hear only the occasional word or phrase that I understand. I have a […]

When I Leave, I Will Miss …

When I Leave, I Will Miss ...

When I go, I will miss … I will miss the children – their smiles, their shy greetings, their big eyes and bare feet, their toys made of palm leaves, plastic bottles and spare tires, their school uniforms in varying degrees of deterioration, their unyielding desire to go to school. .. even their shouts of […]

July Update on Amahoro Secondary School

July Update on Amahoro Secondary School

Well – as I suppose you may have surmised, progress was a little slower than I was hoping it would be, but not by much. In fact, in the 3 weeks that I was there, I never imagined that as much would be done. First, Isaya (the builder) had architectural plans drawn up in about […]

Give a Kid a Camera and …

Give a Kid a Camera and ...

When I see the kids, they like to commandeer my camera and shoot away… I always love going back through what they captured…. Here’s a montage!

Dusty Road to Kabanga

Dusty Road to Kabanga

When you’re doing anything in Tanzania as mzungu, you’re bound to get some attention – some wanted, some unwanted. Mostly – the attention I get is wanted, even (most of the time) when it comes to the repeated requests for saidiya (help) … most of the time, I must repeat. Sometimes, it’s annoying and exhausting […]

Give a Girl a Smile, Watch Her Glow

Give a Girl a Smile, Watch Her Glow

The other day was a day of serendipitous moments. Serendipity is really only interesting to the ones experiencing it, really – although I quite get a kick out of sharing and hearing about others’ experiences. So, in case you’re like me – here are two that happened the other day. I had planned to go […]

Finger Lickin’ Good

I love eating with my hands. I love sitting down to a meal of whole fish, beans, spinach and rice with freshly washed hands because I know what comes next. I get to squish some rice around in my palm, making a nice tight little ball that I use to collect spinach before stabbing some […]

Construction begins on Amahoro Secondary School

Construction begins on Amahoro Secondary School

Here are some pics of the building project! The whole point is this project, right? I get so caught up in the distractions of people and culture – bad girl. HaHa! I know you don’t think so … building is the boring part (in terms of writing), but it’s moving right along!

Rafiki Zangu – My Friends

Rafiki Zangu - My Friends

Although my work now is primarily in the village of Mgaraganza, I still have some important lasting relationships with the first village I lived in during the summer of 2008 – Kiganza. It’s been wild to stay in touch with people from so far away – see their faces light up when I return year […]

Dokumenti – Some Humorous Finds

Dokumenti - Some Humorous Finds

There are lots of writings here – on t-shirts, dala dalas, walls, signs and in various other random spots – that just make you chuckle a bit. I saw a dala dala (minibus public transport) drive by with the following on the back window: Don’t tease me, if you can’t please me There was a […]

Salt Lake City’s McGillis School Greets Mgaraganza Primary

Salt Lake City's McGillis School Greets Mgaraganza Primary

A few days ago, I wandered through Mgaraganza village with Lucas and a couple of friends. Those of you who know her will laugh to hear that Rebecca (Becky) Burton is here in Kiganza, TZ living at GOSESO as I did three years ago! She worked with the Salt Lake Film Center and we collaborated […]

Musings on Friendships

I have time left on my internet session but no connector for my camera and the computer – so really no desire to tell any of my stories at present … but, I made one discovery today. One day last week, I started to feel exhausted and shaky. It hit me around midday and I […]

Nime Choka Sana! Lakini, sasa naweza kubeba mawe!

Nime Choka Sana! Lakini, sasa naweza kubeba mawe!

Which means: I’m so tired, but now I can carry stones (‘to the head’, as they say). If I had typed up this blog yesterday after working with the villagers in Mgaraganza at the school site, the title might have read ‘Eff That!’ And ‘That’ would have been a reference to the work that we […]

Amahoro Secondary … Coming Soon!

My good buddy Carter Jensen has arrived in Kigoma! I thought it would be a long lonely road for me from this point on – after saying Kwaheri to my girls on July 5th, but now Carter – a good friend from SLC, UT – has arrived! On his first day in town, Carter had […]

Tulienda Kiganza – Visiting the Children

Tulienda Kiganza - Visiting the Children

Today we made our way into Kiganza village to visit with my friends – young and old. It was an emotional day for several reasons. Lucas met us in town in the morning and after puttering around a little bit to get some money changed and buy some sunscreen, which we shockingly found in the […]

Interview with Hadley and Laura

Interview with Hadley and Laura

I asked Laura and Hadley some questions on the veranda of our hotel the night before they left. Emotions soared as they thought back on some of their experiences. You’ve been in the city, the beach, the small town and the village. Which do you prefer and why? L: I don’t like the big city […]

"Nitarudi" I said, and return I did!

"Nitarudi" I said, and return I did!

We arrived in Kigoma at long last! We experienced the bustle of the big city, the tourist trap of Zanzibar, Indian Ocean and a lot of surface interactions – but now we are here. We are here – where relationships with the people I know are real and deep. Lucas, my friend and partner in […]

Humanitarians Spring for a Kitten

Humanitarians Spring for a Kitten

Late one night on the island of Zanzibar, Laura, Hadley and I were returning from a triumphant match between Spain and Portugal, which we enjoyed from Mercury’s Bar – so named because Freddy Mercury was born here … or some history along those lines. Triumphant because Laura is from Spain – so of course, Villa […]

It’s the Age of Malaria

It's the Age of Malaria

It’s the age of Aquarius, age of Aquariuh-us … Aquarius! Get that song in your head and then substitute Malaria for Aquarius and you have the latest catchy tune that I’ve been singing lately (along with ‘Sweaty Crack’ sang to the famous Pheobe classic ‘Smelly Cat’ from the hit TV show Friends – TMI?) . […]